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cleidon спросил 2 года назад

I need squematic diagram of Mother board intel DG41WV DDR3

Nitros Админ. ответил 1 год назад

schemes and boardview can be said to not exist for intel.
even with the search for a BIOS dump, there are often problems.

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admin Админ. ответил 2 года назад

good day! sorry but there is no information.

cleidon ответил 2 года назад

I am new in this site I didn’t get answer to any answer

cleidon ответил 2 года назад

thank you bye bye

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sergio_salvador ответил 1 год назад

Hello there! i am a new user of this site, too. Can you provide this site in english too? It would be very nice! Thank you!!

admin Админ. ответил 1 год назад

hi! I would make the site in English, but it needs a lot of work to do. An international domain is expensive, but there are no finances. a Google translator does not translate well, and the site slows down. the site is not so popular. the best help is to share links on other sites so that as many people as possible will know about me.

I hope you will understand.